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Performance issues usually have a serious impact on an insurer’s bottom line.

As your Guidewire transactional data (Policy, Claims, Billing) grows over time, your users may, in some cases, start experiencing longer response times, and batch processes can take longer to complete.  End users start noticing response delays and increasingly get frustrated, having to wait tens of seconds for routine user actions, in terms of interacting with the UI. Longer response times eventually start to eat into the promised efficiency gains from improvements to your core systems. We can help you fix these issues with our specialized competencies and experience with this common but avoidable issue. Our specialized Performance Improvement offering can help address your most concerning Guidewire performance-related, post-implementation issues. When you work with Blackcomb as your implementation partner, you will also get the added benefit of built-in performance optimization from day one, inclusive of solutions that will scale and perform well as your core systems data grows over time.

Database Queries

Sub-optimal database queries (Gosu) are a major cause of performance degradation. We have extensive experience with fixing and fine tuning database queries. This area is one of the top causes of performance issues.


Integrations can cause or magnify common performance issues (For example, too many interface calls, poor adherence to data caching, poor architectural and programming practices, etc.). We have deep expertise in this space, with practical and proven solutions.


Guidewire provides extensive search capabilities and functionality. When recommended best practices are not followed, search performance can deteriorate over time. We can help fix your search-related issues, and stay on track regarding adhering to best practices.

Data Model

Data Model configuration includes setting up data model extensions (entities and fields, typelists) and their relationships. Guidewire provides robust support for data model extensions; we follow all Guidewire best practices for Data Model configuration, ensuring performance is not affected adversely, as well as addressing upgrade issues.

UI Configuration

UI configuration includes setting up new UI widgets (buttons, inputs etc.) on existing UI screens, or creating new UI screens. The business logic associated with the UI screen can also be customized using the Gosu programming language. Blackcomb follows the best practices and architecture guidance for all UI-related configuration and coding.

Business Rules

Guidewire supports an advanced business rules framework, allowing you to configure complex business logic using the Gosu programming language. Guidewire also has numerous user-friendly rules frameworks, which require very little coding to set up; these can be managed by end-users from the UI directly at run time.

To learn more about how Blackcomb can help you address any current and future Guidewire performance-related issues, click here.