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Our OCM team can help you navigate the complex organizational changes needed to successfully roll out your Guidewire solutions.

Implementing and rolling out Guidewire applications in an organization entails having to navigate the internal changes needed to embrace and thrive, recognizing new technology requirements, standards and customer expectations.  This includes managing both internal and external communication programs highlighting the rollout, as well as job training and job redesign necessary to address the need for new skill sets. An organization’s structure will need to evolve to fit the technology needs of the new Guidewire applications and new business processes.


Blackcomb will help you effectively manage both internal and external communication management issues. Externally, your key stakeholders such as agents and vendors need to be fully engaged in any substantive technology transformation initiative. Internally your operations and support staff must be prepared and they need to act as “initiative ambassadors” relative to 1. Their general role within the company and 2. Their specific role(s) on the launch and development team. Our OCM team can help you navigate and effectively manage these challenges.

Job Redesign & Training

Significant job redesign and training will almost certainly be required as part of a Guidewire technology rollout for your organization. Our team can help you manage training and redesign, which will be critical in terms of addressing Training Strategy, Curriculum Design, Curriculum Development and Training Deployment Plans.

Organizational. Structure

The structure of your organization will need to evolve, to accommodate new business processes and operations. Business process change always trickles down to the team level in terms of reporting structure and employee performance review process across the company and special teams may need to be set up as Guidewire Centers of Excellence.