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Maximize ROI for your organization’s Guidewire Core Systems implementation.

We have an extensive track record of superior Guidewire implementations, driven by exceptional levels of subject matter expertise, a proven methodology and cost-effective service delivery. Our deep Guidewire experience enables us to deliver great results for our customers through configuration, integration and conversion.  Our methodology integrates our expertise with industry-leading requirements management, project management, and QA practices.  We are your trusted partner on your ascent to success.

Data Model

Data Model configuration includes setting up data model extensions (entities and fields, typelists) and their relationships. Guidewire platform provides robust support for data model extensions, and we follow the Guidewire best practices for Data Model configuration, ensuring performance is not affected adversely.

UI Configuration

UI configuration includes setting up new UI widgets (buttons, inputs etc.) on existing UI screens, or creating new UI screens. The business logic associated with the UI screen can also be customized using the Gosu programming language. Blackcomb follows best practices and architecture guidance for all UI-related configuration and coding.

Business Rules

Guidewire supports an advanced business rules framework, allowing you to configure complex business logic using the Gosu programming language. Guidewire also has numerous user-friendly rules frameworks, which require very little coding to set up; these can be managed by end-users from the UI directly at run time.

Web Services

Guidewire provides very mature integration capabilities using Web services. Support for SOAP and REST services is built into the Guidewire platform and allows you to integrate Guidewire products with other applications. Web services are one of the key integration patterns and they are used quite extensively. Blackcomb has extensive subject matter expertise in this area.


Guidewire messaging framework is a robust mechanism for asynchronous integration with downstream systems that depend on transactional events in Guidewire. The messaging framework allows for customization of message payload (XML) as well as reply processing, safe ordering and retry mechanism. This is a key Guidewire integration pattern.

Batch Processes

Guidewire’s batch process framework allows you to run batch processes that can be scheduled and used for processing bulk data using batch files. Batch processing can occur at off-business hours, reducing load on the application during business hours. Batch processing can also be used to interface with vendors and external third party services.

We can help deliver the ROI you want from your Guidewire technology investment(s). Our track record of proven Guidewire implementations is supported by a practical and sensible implementation methodology. Click here to contact us and get started.