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Achieve peace of mind (and impressive results) with cloud-hosted Guidewire services.

With Guidewire’s version 9 of InsuranceSuite, deploying your Guidewire applications in the cloud has become a real possibility. Blackcomb has a specialized capability for hosting your Guidewire applications in the cloud. Our cloud-hosted Guidewire services can be deployed in Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure and help you achieve “peace of mind” while also maximizing Guidewire ROI.Our Guidewire cloud-hosted services can help you deliver real benefits to your organization. Additionally, a key aspect of our cloud-hosted offering is security, enabling a higher degree of safety and compliance.


With our cloud hosted Guidewire applications, you get flexibility in deploying the infrastructure with either AWS or Azure, and varying hardware specifications depending on the environments. You are not locked into a specific hardware vendor or data center toolset. “Pay as you go” pricing gives you flexibility in how your costs can scale up or down.


Our cloud-hosted Guidewire infrastructure will allow you to modify your computing needs on demand—scale up or down depending on current requirements. You can quickly provision and deploy new environments using master images. You can scale up by adding new server nodes rapidly. Not having to recruit IT staff for these routine tasks is a big win, and helps your IT department focus on more critical issues.


Our hosted service provides continuous monitoring of application response times and instance utilization. We also provide auto-scaling across multiple datacenters (for UI and Batch Servers), as well as highly reliable Disaster Recovery capability, with mirrored environments and automated replication and backups.

Access Control

Access by Application Users, Third Party Vendors and Partners is tightly controlled. Your internal authentication system (such as Active Directory) will authenticate user credentials. User Roles and Permissions are managed from within InsuranceSuite. Access by Administrators and Developers is managed via RDP.


Encryption of data at rest is accomplished using EBS Volumes, S3, AES-256, and using server-side encryption. All inbound network communications are encrypted using SSL. Passwords are encrypted – when required by applications, passwords are stored as encrypted parameters in the AWS Parameter Store.


We detect account-level security risks by monitoring resources. Agent installed on each EC2 instance detects O/S and application-level vulnerabilities. Threat detection service, performed by GuardDuty, monitors network traffic and infrastructure changes. We also use machine learning to identify malicious activity and signs of compromise.